There are a series of debates coming up and I have been excluded from participating.  Two of the three events have offered to allow me to attend as a guest and they will acknowledge me.  I am grateful for that.

The third event, the Time Warner Cable/Marist College Debate has thus far simply indicated that I will not be included.  The justification provided to me was that I did not meet the criteria of polling at a minimum of 10%.  One unfortunate, and likely intended, consequence of the challenge to my petition and the legal battle that followed is that I was not included in any of the polling.  Typically such a polling threshold is used to narrow a large field of candidates, here there are only three and they are excluding just one.   Also, Marist College, home of the Marist Poll, could certainly ascertain at any time they see fit what my polling numbers might be.  I am asking for supporters to call both Marist College (845-575-3174) and Time Warner Cable (518-641-7256) to encourage them to include me in their debate.  If you find it more convenient you can email them at the addresses below.  Thank you for your help.




Time Warner Cable

Scott Pryzwansky,

Director of Public Relations


Marist College

Public Affairs Office