Below you will find my positions on several issues.

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis









Our tax system must be reformed. It is overgrown and convoluted, and in it’s current form it truly serves as no more than a tool to punish and reward various interests.  I do not have a simple answer to how it should be remade, but it must be simpler and it must remove the ability of our government to use it in the fashion that it has.  Some suggest a flat tax, others a VAT tax, and other various formats.  The problem I see is that the trust that must exist between the people and our institutions in undertaking such a task is broken.  This only further highlights the need to elect new independent representation in government.


The 2nd amendment is part of our constitution, and if elected to serve I would swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution including the 2nd amendment. If I did not intend to keep the oath, then I would have no business seeking the office.

Although I recognize it is State law and I am running for Federal office I will share my opinion on the NY SAFE Act as I believe it is exemplary of what ails our legislative process at every level of government.  It is a perfect example of legislation driven by political motives. Those who debated the law did not even know the vocabulary they were using. It was motivated by a desire to be the first to legislate following the tragedies of the day and to serve the higher political ambitions of our Governor.  I believe the NY SAFE Act should be repealed.



ABORTION  (updated)

I would prefer that the federal government were not involved in the issue, but it is, and there is law that must be honored. I am personally opposed to abortion, except in those instances where it is necessary to protect the life of the mother or when a crime is involved. However, I draw a distinction between what I may believe personally and what I may do as a legislator. It would not be my place to dictate my beliefs to others.  

Additionally, it is a perpetual argument, and one that no one will ever "win".  The constant angst that it creates does little more than to create constituencies that the political parties can take advantage of come election season.  I also feel that the various "pro-" and "anti-" labels are too narrow and give too many voters an excuse to never really study a candidate, and all too often candidates adopt a label while running only to abandon it in practice.  As I said previously I will not, nor should any legislator, impose his or her own religious beliefs upon others through legislation, at the same time once elected you will not discover me suddenly promoting abortion.  I would suggest that perhaps there should be a moratorium on the topic for a period of time as I believe that other matters such as the economy, jobs, foreign affairs, and reforming our tax code to name a few, require congresses focused attention.


I have always had the utmost regard for all those who serve our country in the armed forces.  They exemplify some of the finest qualities of humanity; loyalty, honor, sacrifice, and service to others.  Recent history has elevated my respect for them to a new level.  They have been asked to serve under some of the most unbearable of circumstances, be it the environments they have been deployed to, the duration of their deployments, the rules of engagement they have been subjected to, the sense that their lives are at times put at risk in order to serve political needs rather than our country's national security needs, then to return from service to be neglected at the hands of our government's institutions, some dying while they wait for help from the country they served.  Yet they still serve fully and faithfully.  As an American I do not know how to adequately express my respect for that, but perhaps in my own form of service I can properly honor theirs.

I believe fully that the men and women of the United States Armed Forces can accomplish anything that we as a nation ask of them.  We in turn as a nation must be judicious and prudent in our utilization of our military.  There should be no discussions of good wars or bad wars, and certainly not of wars that are good because they will lead to victory at the ballot box regardless of the outcome on the battlefield.  The calculus should be simple - If there is a legitimate threat to our national security or to our national interests then the military should be deployed to eliminate it.




The programs that comprise the social safety net are one of the finest examples of the nature of the American people and of our country.  These programs are an obligation that we have to our fellow American’s who are in need.  Unfortunately these programs, like much of government today have become corrupted, bloated and are rampant with fraud.  As a nation we must insist that these programs be reformed to efficiently serve our fellow Americans and to ensure that they will be viable for generations to come.    






We are a great nation of great people and are meant to be an example to the world.  Some would change this country to be like many others, I believe that doing so would not only be a detriment to America, but to the entire world.  This country is a burning flame in the dark night of the world that has been kept alive for generations by the American people.  A flame born of unique circumstances in human history, and one that once extinguished may never be lit again.  To those who seek something else, I say go find it, it’s out there.  As for me I want to see the American flame burn bright for the good of my children and yours, and for the good of the world.


A nation that expects its people to follow the rule of law must have institutions and elected and appointed officials that do the same.  We are either a nation of laws or we are not, and they must be the same laws for us all.  When a government does not honor the law it erodes its authority to expect the people to honor the law, and such a government must be replaced.

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