Below are my views on some of the issues of the day.  

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I will add more as I have time.   


Affordable Care Act & NY SAFE Act

I have listed these two items together, one national and one local, because I believe they both represent the shameful result of governance driven by political ambition and election cycle-driven legislation.  Both legislative acts were hastily prepared, perhaps with good intention, or perhaps with only the guise of good intention.

If you followed any of the debate and discussion of the NY SAFE Act in the State Legislature it was disgraceful.  Many of the elected representatives did not even understand the vocabulary they were using.  This is what occurs when the motivation is to be first, or to serve political ambitions.

The Affordable Care Act was an even worse miscarriage of legislative action.  In its case not even the ill-informed debate occurred.  Many who voted for the bill didn’t even read it.  Once inflicted upon the people, at least in piece meal fashion, we have had to endure what have become countless glitches and changes.  All of the chaos of this act should have been debated and addressed in Congress before it ever left the legislative chambers.

Foreign Affairs / Immigration & Border

I feel that our country has been shrinking from it’s role in the world and that in doing so we are making the world a more dangerous place and in turn our country less safe.  My biggest fear is that within the next decade we will look back at this time with our porous border and the crisis that exists there combined with the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as the moment that birthed the next terrible American tragedy.  

The flow of people across our border must be stopped.  Our government has chosen to play the part of two people arguing over what to do with the water that is flowing into their leaky boat and never stopping to plug the hole.  Even worse, they are committed to continuing their argument at the bottom of the sea.  This is unacceptable.  The border must be secured.  Doing so will provide the time and breathing room necessary to address reforming our immigration policy. 

I do not believe there should be a path to citizenship for people in the country illegally.  It would reward criminal behavior and it provides too easy an incentive for irresponsible governing.   

Taxes & Spending

Our tax system must be reformed. It is overgrown and convoluted, and in it’s current form it truly serves as no more than a tool to punish and reward various interests.  I do not have a simple answer to how it should be remade, but it must be simpler and it must remove the ability of our government to use it in the fashion that it has.  Some suggest a flat tax, others a VAT tax, and other various formats.  The problem I see is that the trust that must exist between the people and our institutions in undertaking such a task is broken.  This only further highlights the need to elect new independent representation in government. 

A Nation of Laws

A nation that expects its people to follow the rule of law must have institutions and elected and appointed officials that do the same.  We are either a nation of laws or we are not, and they must be the same laws for us all.  When a government does not honor the law it erodes its authority to expect the people to honor the law, and such a government must be replaced.

America’s Place in the World

We are a great nation of great people and are meant to be an example to the world.  Some would change this country to be like many others, I believe that doing so would not only be a detriment to America, but to the entire world.  This country is a burning flame in the dark night of the world that has been kept alive for generations by the American people.  A flame born of unique circumstances in human history, and one that once extinguished may never be lit again.  To those who seek something else, I say go find it, it’s out there.  As for me I want to see the American flame burn bright for the good of my children and yours, and for the good of the world.


There is something terribly wrong with a government that proposes spending cuts that the executive and legislative branches both indicate will never pass, but then the cuts do pass, everyone then complains about the cuts and points the finger at “the other guy” and then ultimately the government spends extra money to make sure the cuts are felt by as many people as possible.  If this one example does not clearly highlight the need to alter our government, then what will?  I believe that there is much waste in government and that such waste must be addressed.